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Build Your Own Wrist Corsage - ROSES
Item No: BYOCB
This nifty option gives you the ability to choose your colors, flowers, and any fun extras available to create exactly the look you're wanting!

Each wrist corsage is built on a slap bracelet wristlet (black, silver, gold, iridescent), ribbon to coordinate with the attire, and accents of foliage and accent flower.

Please include ALL COLORS present in the dress/tux and accents/accessories in the Special Instructions at Checkout.
Simple - 4 Mini Roses
Most Popular - 5 Mini Roses
Traditional - 7 Mini Roses
Simple + Bling It Up!
Most Popular + Bling It Up!
Traditional + Bling It Up!
Most Popular - Keepsake Bracelet
Traditional - Keepsake Bracelet
Most Popular + Bling + Bracelet
Traditional + Bling + Bracelet