About Dill's Floral Haven
Dill's Floral Haven, Inc. has been a family owned and operated business since 1957.

Dill's Floral Haven in Belleville, IL Dill's is known throughout Belleville and the surrounding area for our attention to detail and beautiful floral creations. Since 1957, Dill's has been a family favorite, and we're proud of our newest addition, Candy Bouquet!

Bob Dill opened Dill's Floral Haven, Inc. on October 2, 1957, and with his friendly demeanor, loving spirit, and hard-working attitude, he made Dill's a great success. During his nearly 35 years as owner, Bob became a well-known businessman in Belleville and the surrounding area. He was always out-and-about in Belleville and knew everyone! He employed many family members, as well as some friends, and found lifelong customers wherever he went.

In the late 1990s, Scott Scharf, Bob's nephew, purchased the business, and Bob, graciously agreed to remain an employee. This purchase helped keep the family business thriving, and in the Summer of 2005, Dill's acquired the Fairview Heights Candy Bouquet location, purchased other surrounding territories, and it's been going strong since!

We are proud to offer you floral and candy arrangements, specific to your occasion, made from the most exquisite flowers and candies available. An arrangement does not pass through our doors that does not meet our outstanding expectation of quality. Each and every arrangement is given our personal attention and special touch.

Dill's is located in the heart of Belleville, Illinois, and for over 50 YEARS, the Dill name has been synonymous with the very best in floral creations and service. We've prided ourselves on being a "do-it-all" kind of business, and we strive, each and every day, to continue that philosophy today. We are committed to going above and beyond to do whatever we can for our customers.

Our award winning design staff strives to meet your every floral need. Not only do we employ an FTD Master Designer, but we also have an average of 22 years each in design experience. Because our designers range in age from the early 20s to early 50s, and because we continue our floral education through many different channels, we are able to offer our customers a wide variety of styles, designs, and choices, whether you're looking for a traditional arrangement or a unique, contemporary design, we have designers that will make your arrangement absolutely fabulous!

In addition to traditional fresh arrangements, we offer custom silks and decor, a wide selection of seasonal green and blooming plants and dish gardens, gift items, handcrafted Candy Bouquets, and awesome creations designed just for kids.

We are known for our outstanding wedding and funeral designs and work closely with several funeral homes in the area. We, at Dill's, realize how important flowers are on these particular occasions, and we design each and every piece with precision and the utmost care. When you need to say "I care" let DILL'S help you say it with flowers and flair!

We are proud members of both the Society of American Florists (SAF) and the Illinois State Floral Association (ISFA)!

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Our Guarantee

We pride ourselves on fresh, beautiful floral and candy arrangements and guarantee your satisfaction with each and every order! All fresh arrangements are guaranteed an overall life of at least 5 days. If you are in anyway dissatified with your purchase, please contact us immediately, and we will work with you towards an agreeable solution. At Dill's, our customers are essential to our success, and our goal is to create only the most exquisite, stunning arrangements to satisfy our valued patrons.

Our Affiliations & Sponsorships

Proud sponsors of IBAA!

Find out information about local Belleville, IL landmarks at the Belleville Historical Society's website!

St. Louis Town Planner
The St. Louis Town Planner publishes a print and online calendar featuring community events, attractions, restaurants, sports, shopping, coupons, contests and service directories for the St. Louis, Missouri region. A comprehensive community resource for savings, entertainment, activities and services, the St. Louis Town Planner is the ideal directory for the St. Louis area.

Donations & Social Responsibility

We feel it is important to give back! Each year, we donate between $3,000 - $5,000 to local events, benefits, and charities.

At Dill's, social responsibility is incredibly important. Because we feel as such, we strive to make donations and volunteer products, time, and services to those organizations in need. Below are just some of the organizations we have sponsored.

Donation Recipients:

Request a Donation:
To request a donation, we will need:
  • formal letter of request outlining the details of your event dropped off or mailed to our store;
  • contact person information (including his/her phone number AND email address).
All requests must be received at least 30 days prior to the event, and other information may be requested, as needed. Requests sent via email or social media will not be accepted. If you have a question regarding donations, please call Amanda at 618-234-2056, or email: amanda@dillsfloral.com.

Dill's is GREEN!

Here at Dill's, we strive to protect our environment.

We do this by:

1) Recycling all paper, aluminum, and cardboard packaging.

- Our flowers come packed in layers of cardboard and paper, all contained in cardboard shipping boxes. We stockpile these boxes, often reusing them for delivery and carry-out purposes, and then return the rest to the recycling plant.

- We also gather all paper that is ready to be pitched and recycle it, along with our newspapers, and other acceptable paper goods.

- We take any aluminum cans, too! 2) Reusing LOTS of things!

- Our flowers come secured with rubberbands. Instead of cutting them off, we carefully remove them and use them over and over again for many purposes!

- Many times, we have customers and recipients return vases to us or bring us boxes full of containers once they've gotten too many. We clean and sterilize each one, and reuse it when possible! If we can't use it for an arrangement, we often use it for storage on our benches for pens, cutters, knives, scissors, etc.

- We even recycle the stems from our flowers! When we have extra long stems on roses, daisies, mums, or other assorted blooms, we collect those cut stems and put them in a cabinet to harden. We then can use those in various different ways to give height to a card pick, straighten shoots of plants, and dress plants.

- We use both sides of the paper, all the time, even when it comes to printing! Especially for faxes, we use paper that's been used before; we just flip it over! Even after that, we find ourselves needing scratch paper, and many times, we create makeshift notepads out of the blank areas left. That way, we can make our notes AND save a tree! For memos, announcements, and pricing guides, we use a marker board or a chalkboard, to eliminate paper waste.

3) Refillable Water Jugs

-We've become a little more earth-friendly by getting away from individually bottled water beverages. We now purchase the large, multiple gallon, refillable bottles with a tap, and we fill glasses and cups instead of using and throwing away bottle after bottle.

5) Using enclosed fluorescent lighting

-Our lighting for our work room, delivery room, and most of our store is lit by fluorescent, encased bulbs. These put out a great deal of light, allowing us to work easily, but they are also energy-friendly.

SHOP LOCAL: Why Dill's is Different... Our flowers and candy are of better quality.
  • We have more choices available! In a typical week, we have over 30 varieties in stock. If it's in bloom, more than likely, we can get it here for you! Some varities may take more time, so give us a call to see what we can do for you.
  • Don't give ordinary flowers to an extraordinary person! We specialize in exquisite, unusual, hard-to-find flowers that always make an impression. We can have just about anything sent from our growers within a few days!
  • We do not purchase off-brand sweets. All of our candy is novelty or gourmet. We carry only the best tasting candy available.
We take better care of our flowers and candy.
  • Your flowers should last 5-7 days if you care for them properly, but that is only possible if they were handled correctly from the farm to the store. We handle flowers and plants all day long, and we know how to keep them fresh. For more tips on how to see your flowers as fresh as possible, check out our Care Tips link.
  • Most flowers need to be refrigerated, prior to arranging, at approximately 34 degrees. If you see flowers sitting out at room temperature, they are losing vase life. We rotate flowers in and out of our coolers all day so that they stay chilled and last longer.
  • Ever notice how grocery store flowers are often next to or IN the produce section? Fruits and vegetables naturally give off ethylene, a gas that speeds up ripening and causes flowers to wilt! We work hard to ensure our flowers aren't exposed to ethylene.
  • How do we keep our flowers fresh? We keep them refrigerated. We sterilize buckets and vases. We change the water. We re-cut the stems, and we pull out wilted blossoms daily. Have you ever seen slimy, rotten leaves in a bucket of flowers? They're releasing bacteria and spoiling the whole bunch. We never let that happen.
  • We make sure our suppliers keep the flowers chilled from the minute they leave the farm until they get to our coolers.
  • You'll never see our flowers sitting out in buckets or stands on a hot sidewalk. In the winter, flowers never leave our store without a special wrapping to protect them from freezing temperatures. Even the walk from the store to the car can wilt a bouquet on extremely cold days.
  • Candy, especially chocolate, is known to melt. However, cold temperatures are detrimental to candy, too. Temperatures below room temperature, or 60 degrees, can cause candy, chocolate especially, to become chalky, stale, and lose some of its flavor. You'll never find our candy in a cooler or cooler unit, nor will you find it in hot conditions. It is displayed and stored at a comfortable room temperature.
We take better care of you, our valued customer.
  • We understand that customers buy flowers on some of the best, and worst, days of their lives. Florists have seen it all. Whether you're getting engaged or sending flowers to the hospital, you can trust us to set the right tone and make sure your arrangements arrives where it needs to, on time and in perfect condition.
  • We cater to events such as weddings, parties, anniversaries, and other special events. We know the ins-and-outs of working with caterers, decorators, and other professionals. We've done events in every venue from Fischer's Ballroom to The Four Points Sheraton, and have had flower menus ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. Our experience blankets each and every area you may be interested in, so feel comfortable trusting us with your special event!
  • Last minute orders? No problem. Special invoicing required? Easy. High volume discounts? Sure. Your own personal account representative? Definitely. Online orders? You're at the RIGHT PLACE! Send us an e-mail, and you'll be added to our database. Then, we are able to send you reminders, coupons, and promotion codes for discounts and special happenings at Dill's and Candy Bouquet.
  • When you send a Candy Bouquet or flowers to someone, you want to know it arrived on time and was what you ordered. When ordering, if you'd like, request delivery confirmation. That way, we can call or e-mail you when your order has been sent.
  • We truly have it all! We understand our customers are diverse, so we cater to all your needs! Whether it be a Candy Bouquet, flowers, plants, plush, balloons, candles, or other gift items, you're more than likely to find it here, at Dill's. We can also work with you to create a specialized, one-of-a-kind gift. When you give it, your recipient will know just how much you care!
We offer a measurable guarantee.
  • All of our flowers come with a vase life guarantee. Just follow our simple care instructions, and if your flowers don't last five to seven days, we'll replace them or work with you to an agreeable solution.
  • Candy Bouquets are guaranteed fresh, with a long shelf life, so following our simple care instructions, you should have no problems with your bouquet.

Why Choose Dill's?
If you are wanting to send flowers, this video provides a fabulous comparison of services from FTD, Teleflora, Pro Flowers, 1-800-Flowers and local florists. It's an essential piece of flower-ordering knowledge!

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