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Fairview Heights
(not including St. Clair Square)
St. Clair Square Mall
Scott AFB
Outside Local Delivery Area
* - For orders going to Lebanon, Collinsville, Cahokia, please
call us at 618-234-2056 or toll-free at 877-287-0213.
(Holiday delivery fees may vary.)

Same-Day Delivery
Same-Day Delivery is usually available nationwide. However, please be aware that there are cut-off times in order to complete delivery requests, and these cut-off times apply locally, as well as nationwide.


             Monday - Friday: 3:00 PM, CST Cut-Off

             Saturday: 11:30 AM, CST Cut-Off
             Sunday (Funerals, only): Saturday by 12:00 PM, CST
Local Area (other areas included in the table above):
              Monday - Friday: 2:30 PM, CST Cut-Off
              Saturday: 11:00 AM, CST Cut-Off
              Sunday (Funerals, only): Saturday by 12:00 PM, CST
Outside Local Area:

              Monday - Friday: 1:30 PM, CST Cut-Off
              Saturday: 10:00 AM, CST Cut-Off
              Sunday (Funerals, only): Saturday by 11:00 AM, CST

  • Delivery Status
      Please consider your order delivered on the day you requested unless you  hear from us. If you supply us with an email address, we can send you an  automatic delivery confirmation once we've received word that your gift has  been delivered. We have methods of handling deliveries that are, initially, unsuccessful. If we encounter a delivery where no one is home to accept and sign for the arrangement, we, first, attempt to find a neighbor home that will hold onto the arrangement until the recipient arrives home. If we are unable to do so, we will phone the recipient, and if no answer, we put a call tag on the door and return the bouquet to our shop until contacted by the recipient. If you have questions regarding delivery status, please give us a call.

  • Outside Local Delivery Area: Entire U.S. and Canada
      In the U.S. and Canada, same-day delivery is generally available for all orders placed before 1:00 PM in the recipient's time zone. (This excludes holidays and peak floral delivery periods.) Orders received after 1:00 PM in the   recipient's time zone may have to be delivered the next delivery day.

      ***Please see the Sunday Delivery section for more information on Sunday funeral deliveries.
    Please make sure that your order information is accurate and as complete as possible in order to avoid delivery delays. This would include apartment, suite, or building numbers, and most especially, a current and accurate telephone number for the recipient.

      Because we belong to several networks of quality florists, sending gifts out of town is no problem. There's no need to deal with a florist with whom you're unfamiliar; we can take and transmit your order for you. Outside Local Delivery Area orders are subject to the normal delivery fees, as well as a small order transmission fee, and both are listed in the table above.

  • Sunday Delivery
      There are no deliveries made on Sundays or legal holidays. In the event of a Sunday funeral, the order must be placed Saturday morning, or before, and the item may be delivered Saturday if necessary. If the order is not received prior to the Saturday cut-off time, the item will be sent to the funeral the next day unless other arrangements must be made.

  • Special Delivery Times & Rush/Express Requests
      While every effort will be made to accommodate special time delivery requests, we cannot always guarantee this. Any order being placed with a time sensitivity request will need to allow us at least a two (2) hour window in which to complete the delivery. If your order requires a Rush/Express Delivery (less than 3 hours), please call us directly so we may accurately assess your needs and help you get your gift out on time. Additional delivery fees may apply and are quoted individually as they are based on time of day, location, and other necessary factors.

  • When the Recipient is Not Home/at Work
      The delivery driver has several courses of action he or she may choose to employ. The driver may choose to leave the arrangement with a neighbor or manager and attach a 'Not Home Tag' to the door of the home or office stating who accepted the arrangement on their behalf, whether it be a  person's name or a house number. If the area is secure, the driver may opt to leave the arrangement at the front door or on the recipient's desk, if the delivery is at work. If neither of these options is feasible, the driver may choose to leave a 'Not Home Tag' with instructions to phone the shop and arrange for a second delivery.

      If the recipient works a normal schedule and is at work most of the day, we suggest sending the arrangement to the workplace. This will cut down on delivery complications and better assure you that your gift is received as intended.

      Incomplete or incorrect addresses or phone numbers may delay delivery. We, as well as most florists in other areas, employ professional delivery personnel who will find the best delivery choice for your special gift.

  • Cancellation Policy
       Cancellations must be requested prior to delivery, when canceling a local order, and in all cases, within 24 hours of placing your order. Any cancellation  requests after this period cannot be guaranteed and may be subject to a 20% charge to cover processing costs, attempted delivery, etc.. 
    Out-of-Town Cancellations:  While we begin to process your request the moment we receive it during business hours, it is sometimes very difficult to get cancellation requests complete. It is important that we investigate thoroughly when necessary, and this takes time in order to speak to all parties involved and determine the best solution. Our network ranges throughout the country and because of the importance  placed on timely delivery of your request and various time zones, it can sometimes be difficult to stop or cancel a delivery.

  • Substitution Policy
      Due to various seasonal and regional conditions, and the variety of natural   issues that can arise due to Mother Nature, availability of some flowers may   be limited in certain areas. Also, specific floral varieties/colors may not be   available for delivery on a specific day. Therefore, it is possible that the exact   bouquet pictured or request may not be available for the day you choose.   Typically, florists carry large selections of flowers, and if time allows, they   are often able to order special flowers, if needed.

      In the case that a substitution needs to be made, we, or the florist filling your out-of-town order, will make a bouquet as similar as possible to the one   chosen, that is of equal value and beauty.

      Orders requesting a single variety or color of flower (like lavender roses)   require us to call the filling florist, if the order is not local, to make sure they   have, or can get, the flowers in the color requested. Sometimes, a second   choice is needed, merely as a precaution, especially if the order is placed less   than two (2) business days before the requested delivery date.

  • Delivery Service Information
      As stated above, we guarantee same-day delivery on orders received by the designated cut-off time. For standard delivery fees charged, business deliveries are guaranteed by 5 PM and schools, by 3 PM. Holiday delivery time schedules may vary due to high volume but every effort is made to get schools and business out on first route trucks. We make every effort to have these orders out as early as possible on the requested delivery day.

      Funeral home deliveries receive special, additional care and are scheduled for delivery based on the published visitation and service time. For your convenience, we will verify all funeral home visitation arrangements and adjust delivery times accordingly at no additional charge.

  • Hospital Deliveries
      Time deliveries to hospitals cannot be guaranteed. Locally, we must deliver to a central location, at both Belleville hospitals--Memorial and St. Elizabeth--and these arrangements are delivered by designated hospital personnel. While we may deliver the arrangement at 10 AM, the cart may not leave the shipping and receiving department until 3 PM. The same is true at most out-of-town hospitals.

      It is typical that if the arrangement is going to a hospital employee, these arrangements are taken up individually so as to not miss the employee if he or she would leave work.

      Especially for out-of-town hospital orders, it is pertinent to have as much  information as possible. Because of restrictions in place regarding the HIPAA law, full, proper names are essential, and room numbers are very helpful. If there is a chance that the recipient could be under a maiden, married, nickname, or middle name, please give us that information as well. Because of federal HIPAA laws, very little information is allowed to be released concerning hospital patients, so without proper information, hospital deliveries can become complicated.

  • International Floral Deliveries
      Due to the various time zones between the U.S. and other countries and continents, same-day delivery is not available for international deliveries. We can only guarantee delivery for orders received at least two (2) business days before your requested delivery date. International floral deliveries cannot be completed online at this time. Please call us to place an international order.
      Local: 618-234-2056; Toll-Free: 877-287-0213.

                International Order Minimum: $50.00 (USD, only)
                International Delivery/Wire Service Fee: $15.00


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